Actual Screenshot

Technical Details

Multi-platform PC environment- tested and operates on Win9x, Me, XP(Home and Pro), 2000, NT, and Windows-7 in compatability mode. (due to OS bugs,VI$TA is NOT supported)

All DLL's and Active-X components are supplied & registered during installation, avoiding software conflicts and operational errors.

Infringement-free software- ("non-compete" software) - eliminating software/hardware
legality issues with competitors.

Efficient utilization of current/existing music library, without compromising existing titles or data, eliminating need for proprietary/customized music database.

Utilizes Windows Media Player engine (requires Windows Media Player 6 or better installed).

Utilizes computer date/time for system accuracy, and includes time synchronizer- will manually or automatically set time/date to various NTP servers.

Support of multiple music file formats; wav, mp2, mp3(MP3 up to 192 kB/S), mp3Pro, wma, snd, mid, au, aiff, and ogg vorbis.

Will interface to outside sourced music scheduling software.

Supports multiple fixed and variable bitrate (VBR) files.

Main screen size dynamically adjustable for optimized resolution resulting in easily readable screens.

Operation with Satellite control with OPTIONAL interface for remote operation (VIA serial port connection) for an additional $99.95 (contact factory for availability), OR it will receive commands via TCP/IP via external device.