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  • Automatronix is a complete, self-contained computerized music/event programming system for the PC environment. Offering both music automation and event scheduling with simplified programming techniques, Automatronix is a USER SUPPORTED product, with user created features. This results in 'real-world' peformance and features not offered by competitors.
    Other software companies supply individual components sold separately- They are supplied bundled with Automatronix, for a single price. No monthly rental fees for software, and license includes unlimited installs per customer.



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Other companies offer automaton programs that are MUCH more expensive and are MUCH more difficult to get up and running...JT Communications has simplified this process from a science to an art.

Frank Vela, GM WFJV-LP- Crystal River, FL

Automatronix was literally written for the computer-illiterate. Anyone with the least amount computer experience will not have any problems operating Automatronix.

Kurt Kniffin, Manager- WGGP-LP Big Pine Key, FL