Automatronix utilizes three distinct and separate players for manual and automatic operation. Depending upon the mode of operation (MANUAL or AUTOMATIC), the players react differently with the corresponding playlist of eventlist.



During MANUAL mode of operation, files in the playlist are loaded by selection process. Once the files are loaded, any/all of the players can be started, stopped, paused, advanced, etc. During file play, double-clicking on a file in the playlist will load the next player not in play. Double-clicking on a different file will remove the last selected file, and load the newly selected file into that player. Selecting a different non playing player can be obtained by clicking on the player song title window (which highlights a white bar above the window), then double-clicking on the desired file from the playlist. Once again, double-clicking on a different file loads the corresponding file to the player. As files play, the background color of the PLAYER FILENAME WINDOW of the corresponding player changes to blue. Within 15 seconds of the end of the file, the player flashes between blue and orange (events flash green and orange), until the overlap (end) time is reached, in which it remains orange (until the next song is loaded). When the player stops, the background color changes to gray.

PLAYER DISPLAY WINDOW- Each player displays the following information, once a file is loaded either manually or automatically:

Title- shows the name of the file (without the trailing times or file extension)

Intro time (if tagged)- Shows the tagged intro time, located to the lower left side of the window.

Play time- Shows the total playtime of the file.

Overlap time - Shows the overlap time, located on the lower right side of the window. If there is no tagged time, it will display the default overlap time.



LIVE ASSIST mode is similar to MANUAL mode, with an added step. Upon completion
of a played file, Automatronix automatically loads the next file in the playlist. The
operator has the features of MANUAL operation, with the semi-automatic ability to load
the playlist in sequential order. Background colors of corresponding players are the same as
MANUAL mode, and the next file to play background color turns bright yellow, indicating that this is the next file to be played. Once started, it turns blue, and the process continues.


In Auto mode, players 'cycle' in consecutive order, and sequentially load items from the playlist.
What occurs when the end of the playlist is reached is dependent upon the SYSTEM MODE.

In this mode, the files in the playlist cycle through the players until the last file is reached.
At this point, the players stop. Background colors are similar in nature to the MANUAL mode.

This mode is similar to AUTO-ONCE, with the exception of restarting the players back
to the beginning of the playlist, and starting again. This process goes on indefinitely (or
operator intervention).

This mode is same as AUTO-REPEAT, however it randomizes the list just prior to
repeating back to the beginning of the playlist.


In this mode, the system operates as follows:
1- no songs in playlist,
2- Events may be started manually OR automatically,
3- Events may be 'stacked' in the eventlist.
4- Inactivity timer is disabled.
5- Events can be manually OR automatically loaded into the event box & players.

modified 10/15/06