Automatronix is a unique computerized music/event programming system. Offering both music automation and event scheduling with simplified programming techniques, Automatronix performance is comparable to expensive, high-ended programs. The key feature of Automatronix is the extreme user friendliness, making it an effortless program to learn and operate. Competitors offer modules for 'additional' performance which are typically sold separately. Automatronix offers all needed features in a single product, thereby eliminating the need to purchase additional features later. All this at fraction of the cost of competitors' "top ended" software.


-- Extremely simplified operation- up and running in minutes- very user friendly.
-- Does not require experienced technician to troubleshoot problems.
-- Point and click manipulation results in simplified movement of songs through playlist.
-- Manual, live assist, play-once, repeat and random modes of operation.
-- Simplified 'on-the-fly' playlist/eventlist generation.
-- Unique file tagging method (with free file tagger program) does not require separate data
   base, allowing operator to maintain file playback with conventional players.
-- 6 fully programmable independent hotkeys- multiple hotkeys can be operated
   simultaneously.  Hotkeys can be started, stopped, paused, and 'fast stop & rewind'
   function in case of accidental operator start.
-- Change/add/remove formats, songs, or events on the fly, even while operating.
-- Program log generation- logs all files played.
-- 3 independent players -joined during automatic operation- for true triple overlap capability.
-- Free CD ripper/encoder included.
-- Free music tagger program included - allows music files to be tagged for intro/overlap times.
-- Stand-alone playlist generator program - allows MP3 files to be edited on the fly.
-- Stand-alone timed recorder program - record live satellite feeds at pre-programmed
-- True randomization of playlist- rerandomizes each time playlist is completed.
-- Supports multiple-format playlist creation.
-- Ability to Drag-N-Drop to the players and hotkeys.

-- Bult-in playlist generator-can be utilized in background, or run separately.
-- Data from playlist generator can be instantly transferred to on-air playlist for rapid

-- Unique voice-over file feature allows files to match voice-over time resulting in precise
   'talk-up' to intro of each song.
-- Programmable random file-insert feature- insert random files between songs in playlist.
-- Bad file detection in all modes. Literally 'kicks-out' any bad file anomalies.
-- Will play rapid, short files as little as 0.2 sec. in length.
-- Auto-corrects invalid overlap times, eliminating operator error.
-- Ability to randomize items in a file from within playlists or eventlists.
-- Sub playlist can be inserted into main playlist for specialty insertion- useful for voice-over
   segues and random pick of songs in sub-playlist.
-- Playlist search engine allows rapid location of files in playlist.
-- Ability to send remote commands to RS-232 serial port for external control of switches, commands, etc.


-- Programmable audio dim function for hotkeys and voiceovers.
-- Programmable "bumpometers" allows master adjustment of overlap times and voiceovers-
   operator can  adjust tightness/looseness between segues/voiceovers.
-- Programmable intro and overlap times for each song with separate file tagger program
   (included FREE). By simple mouse clicks, setting intro and overlap times for each time
   is rapid= literally takes seconds to tag files independent upon file lengths.
-- 4 programmable directory/file quick access buttons for rapid song/event entry.
-- Independent playlist/eventlist programming of overlap times for non-tagged files.
-- Built-in adjustable auto-fader between segues. This provides adjustable fade times
   between segues.
-- Programmable sound card input feature for external audio input events (both long and

-- Intro time display counts down for visual help during live assist.
-- Built-in Clock- displays down to the second.
-- Count-down timer for on-air event- readout to 0.1 second accuracy.
-- Cycle button for rapid change- operates in Live-assist and all auto modes.
-- Keyboard shortcuts make mouseless operation possible.
-- Built-in playlist search engine- locate file in playlist and interact with activity.

-- Capable of inserting a 'sub' playlist within a main playlist. Sub-playlists can be used for
   specific playlist. In addition, operator can insert voice file and utilize 'talk-up' feature in
   unique fashion in sub-playlist. In addition, sub-playlists can be scheduled to play at
   specific times through the event scheduler.
-- Additional ability to create rotate, random, and/or unlimited combinations of playlists for diversified programming.

-- Program events like a VCR.
-- Ability to 'day-part' schedules by scheduling playlist changes from event scheduler.
-- Up to 15 files can be programmed per event.
-- Immediate, approximate, and manual event programming. Immediate events fade out
   current playing file moments prior to scheduled start time of event. Approximate events
   load 30 seconds prior to start, and manual events wait for operator intervention.
-- Events independent of playlist- can be run regardless of songs on air. This makes
   Automatronix useable on talk radio networks where music is not normally scheduled
   during  airtime.
-- Microsoft Access style database management for programmed events.
-- Separate timed recorder (supplied, but NOT with demo) program for independent timed
   recording for satellite feeds- program operates like a VCR in the 'timed record' mode.
   feeds, etc.

-- Standard PC environment- tested and operates on Win9x, Me, XP, 2000, NT.
-- Utilizes Windows Media Player engine.
-- Utilizes computer's date/time for system accuracy.
-- Support of multiple formats; wav, mp1, mp3, wma, snd, mid, au, aiff (MP3 up to 192 kB/S).
-- Supports Winamp and Raduga playlists.
-- Fully supports variable bitrate(VBR) files.
-- Program optimized for 640 x 480 resolution resulting in easily readable screens.
-- OPTIONAL interface for remote control of software through RS-232 serial port. 
last modified 01/13/07